1. 18 July - 21 July 2014: First SMU Camp with IronMan! Crazy tiring 4 days but definitely super fun with this crazy group. And of course, thanks to the best facis ever who are super hilarious, loving and encouraging πŸ™†. We all have lots of stories to tell about this camp πŸ˜‚. #smuslashed2014 #smusportscamp2014 #slashed2014 #spiderman


  2. 180714

    After Arrow Graduation CG

    Now I understand what it means to be used by God. To effortlessly find yourself being used by Him. When you hear those praises, it is not pride that grows within you, it is a humility that arises.

    'Whao, even that made a difference?'

    I said to myself constantly as I heard them thank me.

    I am truly humbled to realise how He used me to bless His people. Even things that I second guessed myself for doing, they actually made a difference.

    If you think this is self-praise or pride, you are greatly mistaken. I am humbled.

  3. Looking for something fun to do tonight? Come for the greatest PraiseParty of the century near bugis mrt! Anyone and everyone is welcome. We’ll show you how church ain’t boring at allπŸ˜‰. Party hard or go home!πŸŽ‰ Comment/PM me if you wanna come to check it out! It’s gonna be an epic night!

  4. 080714: Road trip to the Twelve Apostles. No OOTD today, it’s selfie day with some stones in the water🌊 HAHA.

  5. 070714: Airplane #ootd cos we flew from Sydney to Melbourne today. Random brick wall behind the apartment.
    All my #ootd nonsense will end when I’m back in SG. cos #aintnobodygottimeforthat and it’s so awkz to stand infront of the camera and pretend to be cool.. 😧

  6. 060714: #ootd for Sunday Churchday! Went to Hillsong, Fish Market, Ferry ride at sunset and Circular Quay. I’m not called for this OOTD thing, it took way too long to get this photo. 😧

    Thanks again to @pinkathon for the photo. Only we know how many photos we took. Dont expose me.

  7. 050714: #ootd because I am friends with @dawnsohyt and @aforalina . I tried, I tried..

  8. 30June-4July 2014: What a great time at Hillsong Conference 2014 lifting up #NoOtherName but JESUS. The sermons from such amazing Christ-exalting pastors, the masterclasses, super hilarious pre-service talk shows, Let’s Talk Church sessions. Great experience that marks the end of my non-stop 3 weeks of being in the House of God. And no doubt that He’ll continue to be with me for the rest of my life.

    Gotta thank my parents for blessing me and brokhoo with this trip πŸ˜ƒ

    #HillsongConference2014 (at Allphones Arena)

  9. 290614: We have arrived in Sydney! We’re not giving up and enduring till the end till our luggage comes hahah! It was a good flight cos no one was sitting next to me! HALLELUJAH PRAISE THE LORD for no strange humans who invade my space.

  10. 290614: F.A.A. are off to Sydney for #HillsongConference2014 #NoOtherName It shall be an exceedingly blessed trip together and armies of angels shall protect us alldayeveryday! Thank you Jesus for blessing us!