1. A Letter To My Future Self #2

    Why hello Abby! Just read the “letter to my future self #1” and I felt inspired to write a second one now.

    How have you been? How old are you now? Well, I’m 16 now. The Eve of Chinese New Year is tmr. It’s 1st February now. Chinese New Year is coming and I’m pretty excited! Well just like any other kid, excited for the money. HAHAHA!

    First things first, how tall are you now? Are you still 169? Or have you finally reached you target height of 171cm, i really hope you did. I’ve always wanted to be that tall for quite awhile now. Are you above 50kg now? Please be at least below 55kg if your younger than 20. Anyway if you are heavier, it’s okay!

    This year, 2011, if your O Level Year, I guess I’m pretty worried about it but I don’t know why, for some reason, I assume that a long as I keep on consistently studying, I will get my 6A1s! AMEN!

    Well at the age of 16, your family has had the ‘tradition’ of watching the Locally produced Chinese New Year Movie. I wonder if you’re still doing it now. It’s really fun, I love watching those movies cos it never fails to make me laugh.

    How are you now? In. JC or Uni? There’s some new Medical University opening in the next yes or two, I think you can study there, from whist I’ve read, it’s a pretty prestigious College. There are only 2 careers that your 16 year old self wants to do:
    1. Doctor
    I hope you’re at least working towards on of those.

    Still in touch with your Secondary School Friends? One of them Said that you look like one of those who wont keep in contact with them. I hope you did, if you didn’t, go do it now. Hahahah!

    How’s your new CG? Are they cool? How’s your CGL. PLEASE DONT FORGET HOUR EX DGL, JAY. he’s amazing. Best leader in the whole world. Hahaha!no kidding.

    Anything significant/specials happening in your life or new future? Well for now, you just found out 2 days ago that Nisha’s getting married on the 19 NOV. I’m pretty excited about it. How are they doing now? Definitely happily married! Any kids? Are they cute?

    Oh and did you ex-English Teacher+DARE level overseer name her daughter after you? What’s her name?

    Oh yes! VERY IMPORTANT! You and your DG went all the way to your DGL’s house to give him birthday surprise and we also gave him a photo album with all our photos of the DG + individual photos. Please go ask him whether he still has it and ask him to let you see it. I’m sure it will bring back so many amazing memories with your DG and how much fun you guys had. Please ask him to show it to you. Btw, is he married?!

    I’m pretty sure the church is HUGE now! Like 5000000 people! Hahaha, singapore’s population isn’t even that big. Hahaha! But I’m sure you get what I mean. There are a lot of things that I wanna say to you but they are already in the first letter. Go and read it, it’s probably 10-12 pages back.

    Okay Abby, I’m really tired. Need to go get some work done.

    10:43pm 2nd February 2011

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